White Rice Nourishing Cream


[Product efficiency]

Contains rice essence, to help moisture the skin around the eyes, give and lock moisture for skin, to make eyes more shiny and charming.

[How to use]

1. After cleaning the skin, to push the wrinkles of the eyes, take appropriate amount of eye cream against the direction of the small wrinkle applied throughout the eye.

2. Focus on pressing the corner of the temple, to help the eye skin to be elastic and replenish protein.

3. Eyes closed, use ring finger pulp to flick eye skin, to improve the eye circle.

4. Palms rubbing, pressing the ye with palm temperature.

Tips : The part around the eye us easy to get old, the eye skin is thin and week, and it will be older than the other parts of the skin, so eye care is very important.

[Net weight]


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