Repair Eye Serum


100% new high quality

Natural snail ingredients to effectively tighten the eyes

Lighten eye bags and eye circles, reduce fine lines

Nourishes the eye area, softens and moisturizes

The skin is plump and smooth, suitable for moist eyes

Bringing infinite care and love to the skin around the eyes


Net capacity: 20g

Skin type: all skin types


How to use:

1 After cleaning in the morning and evening. dipped in appropriate amount of eye cream. evenly apply around the eye. and the gently push out to the left and right.

2 Use the index finger to massage from the bottom to the upper eye. help to tighten the eye skin. be careful of the gentle force.

3 After applying the upper and lower eye. massage along the

steering wheel from the inside to the outside until the eye cream is absorbed by the skin .

4 Use pulp to give an appropriate press on the surrounding of

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