Olive Essence Anti Aging Oil


Type:Skin care product Skin Type:All skin types NET WT:100ml Package Size:15.5*4.6*4.6cm/6.10*1.81*1.81" Feature: 1.Hair care: nourish hair roots, make hair smooth, silky. 2.Skin care: Make skin firm and elastic, improve skin relaxation. 3.Effectively reduce fine lines, make skin more delicate, remove wrinkles. 4.Lips: effectively moisturizes the lips, improves dryness of the lips, and brightens the lips. 5.Massage the back, arms, legs and other body parts to relieve muscle soreness. 6.Effectively relieve dryness of hands and feet and cure skin cleft palate. 7.Formulated with pure natural botanicals for gentle skin care and easy to be absorbed by the skin.

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