Hyaluronic Acid Eye Serum


Net content: 15ml

Gross weight: 35g

Packing: color box packaging

Material: plastic


1. Peptide collagen, desalinate fine lines, tighten loose skin, restore vitality to skin

2. Reduce wrinkles on eyes, remove fine lines from skin due to water shortage, and make skin more delicate and smooth.

3. Provide water for eyes, activate skin around eyes, restore elasticity and smooth fine lines.

4. Relieving eye fatigue, contracting edema and removing pouch


water,butylene glycol ,glycerin,strene/acrylic acid(ester)copolymer,sodium hyaluronate,hesperidin ,elastin,cleer collagen protein,beta glucan,polydimethylsiloxane ,methlgluconic alcohol polyther-20,heparin sodium, palmitoyl six peptide-14,ceramide,1,21-butylglycol


provides intensive hydration, in your eyes, and reduces the signs of aging. it makes you stronger, more effectively 

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