Natural Face Creams Moisturizer with Acne Treatment


Natural Face Creams Moisturizer Acne Treatment Peel-Off Black Mud Mask Pimple Acne Blackhead Remover Extractor Skin Care


[ PRODUCT EFFICIENCY ] Added with tea tree essence, penetrates into deep skin to promote nutrition absorption, eliminate impurities and help in calming irritated skin. balance oil secretion on the face to keep pores clear moisturized, thus leaving skin creates delicate smooth

Effectively eliminates acne Skin regulation and protection Purifies pores Delicate skin Balance water and oil

[ SKIN TYPES] Suitable for various skin types

METHODS OF USE 1.After every morning and evening face cleaning 2.Apply adequate amount to the product on the face 3.Massage for 2 minutes, until it is absorbed into skin

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