INGREDIENTS: aloe barbadensis leaf juice, glycerin, 6% niacinamide vitamin B3, zinc oxide, phenoxyethanol, tacopherol, grape seed extract, sodium hyaluronate - hyaluronic acid, xanthan gum, tetrasodium edta.



This light fragrance cream is formulated for all skin types, but is especially good for those struggling with persistent rosacea, breakouts and advanced signs of aging (sun damage) including wrinkles and brown spots.

Those with oily to combination (including acne-prone) skin will especially appreciate the fact it is virtually free of harsh emollients and has an exceptionally lightweight gel-like texture.


What BENEFITS can bring to your skin:

  • Helps to dramatically improve the skin's firmness and tone

  • Glides on silky-smooth and leaves a soft matte finish

  • Calms redness and stress and helps heals your dry, flaky patches instantly

  • Proven antioxidants help stimulate collagen production so your skin looks and acts younger

  • Excellent option if you have Rosacea, dark spots or enlarged blood vessels

  • Works beautifully under any type of foundation for smooth results

Designed for dry, dehydrated skin, this calming moisturizer helps to reduce redness and micro-stress resulting from hormonal imbalance or environmental conditions, and also relaxes the skin. It produces intensely satisfying moisturising, soothing and calming benefits.

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