Anti Wrinkle Liquid Lift


Refine the micro molecular plant, is more effective to repair, makeup, the best product isolation, which belongs to the national commodity inspection of cosmetics


1 repair: instantly give the skin repair, activate cells, increase resistance, anti acne, anti allergy, balance grease

2: long time for makeup makeup, makeup lock, the natural foundation, achieve perfect transparent docile, bright and beautiful.

3 isolation: to stabilize the skin to strengthen a protective measure, not affected by the outside world.


The product can instantly reach deep moisturizing skin and can inhibit sebum secretion, the effect of convergence of the pores. Protection against sensitive skin  , soothing effect, after the makeup to achieve the effect of the makeup, make the makeup bright and moving.

How to use: take appropriate smear on the skin, suitable for conditioning makeup before the backing.

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