Anti-Aging Body Moisturizer


Skin Type:All skin types

 NET WT:85ml

 Package Size:21cm*4cm*4cm

 Main ingredient: Glycerol, xylitol glucoside, etc


 1.Gentle and delicate texture, moisturize the skin, improve dry skin, prevent skin itching caused by dry skin.

 2.Improve the moisture content of the skin surface, moisturize, make the skin fresh, comfortable and not tight.

 3.Vitamin E lotion can soften the cuticle, making the skin very smooth.

 4.Rich in vitamin E, nourish the skin and suitable for all skin types.

 5.Brighten skin tone to give a healthy glow.

 6.Lock in moisture, improve dry, rough skin, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, make your skin look healthier.

 7.Use after bathing to moisturize the skin and promote the metabolism of aging skin cells, growth soft and healthy skin.

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