Aloe Vera Gel Anti Pimple Moisturizing Anti-Inflammatory After-Sun Repair Skin Care


* Aloe Vera gel is an ultra-gentle skin care product that has a soothing, moisturizing and repairing effect.

* Moisturize skin and relieve skin dryness, relieve the itchiness caused by mosquito bites.

* Repair after-sun, improve skin redness, dryness due to excessive sun exposure.

* Conditioning the skin, gradually improve and remove pimple, blemish and other spot.

* Repair damaged skin, improve skin sensitivity, make skin refreshing and comfortable.

* Suitable for all types of skin.

* Method of Use:Apply directly over skin. it can be used several times a day.


Type:Aloe Vera Gel

Skin Type:All skin types

NET WT:13g

Benefit:Moisturizing, pimple treatment, improve skin sensitivity

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