15ml Eye Cream Moisturizer


Contains triple hyaluronic acid to lock in water molecules, deeply moisturizing and nourishing eye skin.

The pen-shaped 360-degree massage ball design frees hands and makes it easy to grab.

The pearl essence is delicate and can help the eyes to relieve fatigue.

The ball massages the eye area and tightens the eye area to improve the elasticity of the skin around the eyes.

The moisturizing texture is well absorbed, giving the eye moisturizing.



Net content: 15ml

Efficacy: moisturizing and moisturizing, improving eye shadow dark circles, delicate and moist texture, refreshing and protecting the bottom of the muscles, making the skin smooth and supple and moist, helping to improve dryness around the eyes.


Contains triple lock water molecules, moisturizing, mild and non-irritating.

The texture is delicate and moist, refreshing and non-greasy, and deeply protects the muscles.

360 degree massage beads can effectively promote the absorption of essence.

It can effectively tighten the eye area, reduce fine lines and add elasticity.

It can effectively improve dark circles, brighten the complexion of the eyes, and bright eyes.

It can effectively hydrate the eye area.

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