15g Anti-Wrinkle Bird's Nest Eye Serum



  • Net Weight:15g
  • Skin Types:Suitable for various Skin

KEY Ingredients:

Bird's nest Extract,Hydrolyzed collagen,Aloe vera Extract,Sodium hyaluronate,Etc.


  • Anti Puffiness
  • Remove Dark Circle
  • Anti Aging
  • Wrinkles Ageless
  • Moisturizing

Package Include:

 1 x 15g Bird's nest Extract Roll-on Eye Cream


Best applied using the massage gesture below:
1) Begin on the inner corner of the eye and in small diagonal strokes work out toward the crow's feet underneath the eye. Then repeat the same movements on top of the eye from the inner corner toward the temple, massaging from crease to the brow. 
2) Next, using small circular motions, follow the same path under the eye from the inner corner outward and again on the top lid working from the inner corner towards the temple, focusing just above your natural crease. Repeat this step 3 times. 
3) Finish by lightly sweeping any remaining product with your fingertips along the upper and lower eye contour. Repeat 3 times as well.

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